Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Story of my Life to the Present

My name is Nathan. I was born in a family of 5, which then grew rapidly into a family of 8. You may think this may be a bad thing, it turned out to be great. We kids quickly learned that if the family was going to work than we had to work together. We have also been influenced by Christianity. This has been the main glue of our family. God holds us together, and we are blessed to have beeen given such Christian parents.
Now a little about myself. I grew up in the great state of Tennessee cheering my heart out for the volunterer. I grew up on a farm and was big on swimming and football. I had little time for any other sports, but if I could I would have played them all. I grew up loving swimming the most. I learned that my best sport was swimming and grew up doing it for my highschool and for my neighborhood pool. I also grew up with a great group of 6 friends. We did everything together. We swam, went to school, and went to church together. We were constantly at eachothers houses, and we developed amazing friendships
College came up, and it was time to choose where we wanted to go. Me and my friends all split up. Some went to MTSU and others went to UT, while I went Clemson alone. At first It was scary being all alone. I almost left after the first semester. I stuck with it and found some awesome Christian friends, and I started going to FCA. I also joined the water polo team, which I enjoy to death. I also have decided to become a Dentist. I guess I could say things are coming together.


Angie_R said...

Amazingly, those friends you are not seeing frequently now will show up again and again in years to come. I thought that friendships from high school were over when I was in my mid-20s. Happily, people just float back in to your life when you least expect it. Speaking of which... I need to go return an email. =o)

zvix said...

Hi nice blog indeed.but why "me and my friends" u should say my my friends and me.iam just kidding you must be from the E.C lolz ( i love lobgs)